Minister Cynthia Hatcher was born in Washington D.C.  She is the daughter of
the late Pastors Miriam and Bishop James C. Bell Sr.  She is also a devoted
wife and mother of two.  Cynthia received her education at Riverdale Baptist
and Bladensburg High School in Prince Georges County and went on to earn a
Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Bowie State University in 1985.

At an early age, her desire to know God in a more intimate way led her to the
doors of Solid Rock Full Gospel Baptist Church under the leadership of Apostle
Nehemiah Rhinehart.  It was her love for God that motivated her to diligently
seek God, read and study His Word.  At the age of twelve, Cynthia decided to
depart from her spiritual foundation as a result of being drawn away by peer
pressure coupled with the cares of this world.  Blessed by God’s grace and the
prayers of the righteous, she was navigated back to the doors of the church in
April 1983 just before her twenty first birthday. She then became a member of
Unity of Love Praise Temple under the leadership and spiritual guidance of the
late Pastor Miriam and Bishop Bell.  It was from that point that her hunger and
thirst for God became unquenchable.  Two years later, Cynthia was ordained
as a minister at UOLPT.
Unity of Love Praise Temple Church
3703 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20032
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Throughout her tenure, she has remained faithful to the ministry.  Minister Hatcher serves on the church board
study and is a minister here at the church.  It is her faithfulness, dedication and commitment; in addition to the
calling that has been placed upon her life for such a time as this that minister Cynthia has been elevated to serve
the members of Unity of Love Praise Temple Church as pastor.